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"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly."

- R. Buckminster Fuller

We are seeking youth who are passionate about evolving a better future and ready to engage in real-world projects to bring measurable improvement toward issues that matter to them and their communities. 

Join a network of peers, researchers, and educators working together to transform education, economics, and society with Prosocial, a powerful set of evidence-informed design principles based upon humanity's natural instincts for cooperation.

All school types, including self-directed learners welcome. 


  • Youth teams, age 14-25, anywhere in the world. 

  • Local adult mentors.  

  • Prosocial Schools coordinators. 



  • Youth teams participate in a global online training network with four components.​

  • Volunteer mentors help youth with component #3, applying/doing Prosocial. 

  • Youth Co-Design Fellows transition the corps from adult to perennial, peer to peer youth leadership.

Youth Corps - four components:

  1. Learning/understanding Prosocial (and adjacent concepts and theories). 

  2. Learning community science methodologies / design based research.

  3. Applying/doing Prosocial toward school and/or community improvement.

  4. Evolving/governing the Youth Corps. 

Co-Design Fellowship:

To support a perennial peer to peer youth led movement, we will solicit and convene teams of youth to oversee the integration of all four components, their evolution and gradual transfer to youth leadership. This will require a discrete schedule of meetings to actively shape the aims, experience and impact of the Youth Corps itself.

Co-Design Fellowships may vary in length from 3 weeks - 15 weeks. Fellows may participate in multiple generations. 

Running Estimate:

  • March 2021 (TBA). First generation (1G) Co-Design Fellowship begins. 3 weeks. 

  • April 2021 (TBA). Second generation (2G) Co-Design Fellowship begins. 6 weeks.  

  • June 2021 (TBA). Third generation (3G) Co-Design Fellowship begins. 12 weeks. 

  • Sept 2021 (TBA). Fourth generation (4G) Co-Design Fellowship begins. 12 weeks. 

  • 15 October 2021. Youth Corps officially launches. Open, emergent, evolving enrollment. 

  • January 2022. Fifth generation (5G) Co-Design Fellowship begins. Weeks TBD. 

Applying/doing Prosocial
The science of Prosocial is complex. By using a tool that embodies the science of Prosocial while advancing issues that youth care deeply about, we are able to create project tracks that foster collective learning and action, which may lead to effective learning communities or guilds. 

Tools that support project tracks or guilds (in descending complexity):

Getting started

  • Co-Design Fellows register here (link TBD]. 

  • Teams for the Youth Corps register with their mentors [link TBD] with a preference for a project guild. ​

    • Mentors may customize our one-page PDF flyer to help recruit youth.   

  • At this time, all participants should have the ability to attend training in English and online.

  • Youth under 16 must have parent permission.


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